Large Bundle! Aquarium Decor/Supplies + Live Java Moss! fashionable


BrandTop Fin
CategoryPet Supplies, Aquariums & Fish Supplies, Other Aquarium & Fish Supplies, Top Fin Other Aquarium & Fish Supplies


Huge aquatic bundle! In excellent condition. Items are new or gently used for a short time. Assorted fish tank accessories. Includes a large handful of Java Moss. Grows very fast and propagates easily. Separate into as many individual plants as you want. Can be left floating or tied or glued to rocks and driftwood. Great for any freshwater fish... shrimp love it!

- Large handful of Java Moss
- API CO2 Booster (used twice, 95% full)
-API Ammonia Lock (80% full)
- Fluval pre-filter intake sponge (NIB)
- Air stone bar
- Silicone leaf fish rest with suction cup (Bettas love resting on it!)
- Pink silk Amazon Sword plant (safe and smooth for fish with long fins like Bettas)
- Tetra complete diet Betta fish flakes with shrimp (opend, but full)
- Two incandescent 15W/120V clear light bulbs (NIB)
- Top Fin reversible blue and black background (fits tanks up to 5 gallons)
- Anemone coral cave glow decor

Background is 12" x 18" which fits a 5 gallon size tank or less - cut to fit.

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